What are the most useful Android apps

What are the most useful Android apps

What Are the Most Useful Android Apps For Beginners?

I recently wrote a piece on the best and most useful Android apps for beginners. After reading through that article, you may have seen that I mentioned that there were a few apps that were not amongst the best. A lot of people commented about the fact that the above apps are not the most useful to the average consumer. I’ll admit it, these are some of the less useful apps for beginners, but to find them I did not need to look any further than the Google Play Store. I’m going to list out the apps which I think are the best for beginners.

It’s the most useful app which I mentioned in my first article. This is a game called Keep Safe which is a bit addictive but still very useful to anyone. If you’ve never played this game before then I suggest you take a look at it for yourself. It has a fairly steep learning curve but after you get it going you’ll be hooked! The good thing about this app is that it’s so great for people who like racing games because it can also be played against other players online or offline.

Another awesome game I love is Taxi Tycoon. This is one of the most addicting games I’ve ever played and it comes with a free 7-day trial version. This is another app which is very useful for anyone who’s new to the Android universe. It allows you to manage your own taxi business and get paid in real time for completing jobs. It’s something that is very convenient and will never let you down!

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